Will either of these treatments damage my vehicle?
No, both treatments are safe to use on any vehicle.

The active ingredient in MICRO-GUARD is chitosan. Chitosan is made from snow crab shells, an abundant and replenishable natural resource. MICRO-GUARD makes an article or surface an unsuitable environment for the growth of mold, mildew, fungi or bacteria. By inhibiting the growth of these microbes, MICRO-GUARD reduces the odors and degradation they cause.

I'm allergic to shellfish, will MICRO-GUARD trigger a reaction?
No, MICRO-GUARD is hypoallergenic

Are these treatments EPA approved?
Yes, both SANI-CLEAN and MICRO-GUARD are EPA approved. 
SANI-CLEAN - (EPA Reg # 10324-117-44956)
MICRO-GUARD -  (EPA Reg # 81446-2)